Dai Komatsu

I would like to introduce Japanese tradition and popular culture to people in the world, and possibly teach them about the good parts of Japan.
I would be proud of myself if I could become a successful bridge between Japan and foreign countries, and I am continually progressing with my goal thanks to our customers.

Yuri Nakaie

I am good at doing detailed work. I always work carefully and effectively, and I would like to become an expert in logistics one day. I like clothing, so it is very exciting for me to be able to work with fashion from many different countries. At home I like to relax by playing with my pet rabbit.


I have lived in France for thirteen years, working for a trading company.
My motto is to provide products, services, and support tailored to the country’s culture and national identity.

Sawa Tanaka

I work as a customer service consultant, mainly in charge of non-Japanese customers while bringing up my son who was born in December, 2013. Working in a customer support role, I would like to become a facilitator between producers of products made in Japan, and foreign customers seeking to purchase these items, whilst taking care of both parties with a great deal of hospitality.